Posted: 5th April 2020

Really quick (late) one today but I wanted to get back to doing these. The last few weeks have been rough, not just due to Covid-19 but that's certainly a big part of it (and root of some of it). Anyway that's why there's not been one of these since Feb, sorry. At some point I may publish something about what's been going on. Excuses aside, here're some things I've liked this week:

Pluralistic By Cory Doctorow. I've been reading Doctorow in one place or another for years (while I was a member of London Hackspace we were based above his office). In lieu of a specific article I'm pointing out that if you like these things I write you might like his daily (and better) version of the same.

Rabbit Ear By Robby Kraft, this is just cool: a Javascript library for converting flat-folding origami patterns into their result (and visa versa). I've not had a proper play with it but it looks amazing. If you want to skip to the good bit this tweet from him has a nice demo.