WR tales

Posted: 19th April 2020

Two sources of fiction for you this week.

Content note on this one for topics of pandemics and mortality. Didn’t I Write this story already? When your fictional pandemic becomes reality by Naomi Kritzer are her reflections on your speculative fiction becoming reality. Her story, So much cooking, was written in 2015 and is a series of posts from a food blogger under quarantine during a pandemic. It's a sad and hopeful read. Both pieces are well worth your time.

Content note on this one for potentially everything (including suicide, rape etc). GPT2 Petitions By Mike Sheldon (aka elleo) is the generative output of a neural net that's been trained on the various petitions submitted to the UK Government. The petitions it produces range from the obvious nonsense (like the one linked), to the much more sinister and believable. Well worth a play but be warned that, as with anything produced by a neural net trained on public content the range of views is.. concerning.