WR end

Posted: 14th June 2020

Sorry I missed last week. As I'm sure you're aware the last few weeks have been A Lot and I've not been coping great. I'm very privileged in that I'm not directly effected by a lot of what's been going on but between that and some family stuff that hit I've not be hugely motivated to write.

Regarding the last few weeks I've not really said anything as I've not felt I've had anything to add but, for the avoidance of doubt: black lives matter, police brutality has to stop (both the UK and US police need systematic overhauls), statues aren't important but that means we should be happy to ditch those of slave owners, trans women are women, trans men are men, JK Rowling's wrong and the UK Government should support all trans folk.

Also, I frankly don't think anyone reads these and... I just can't be bothered I started them to try and get me writing regularly and try to track some of the more interesting things I read and that just doesn't seem as useful to me at the moment. If you do read these I would love to hear from you but I'm probably going to put this on hiatus until I figure out what stuff I want to write.

Anyway here're a load of links from the last two weeks that I found interesting: